Wayne LaPierre on American Values

"Something is just not right. The core values that we believe in, the things we care about most, are slipping away." Wayne LaPierre spoke those words at the 2014 NRA Annual Meetings in Indianapolis, Indiana as he asked, "What in the world has gone wrong with our country?" LaPierre reminded that the good guys still exist, and that NRA is America's national movement to restore core American values. "We're the good guys — good, decent, honest men and women." View the TV spots here.

Marcus Luttrell

Former Navy SEAL and Author

February 18th, 2014

Marcus never wanted to be a celebrity. All he ever really wanted was to be a Navy SEAL and serve his country in as honorable of a manner as he possibly could. Sometimes, though, things don’t turn out as planned. His book "Lone Survivor" reached a large audience and now the movie is doing the same. Full Story >>

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