Jessie Duff Debunks Gun Myths on 'Hannity'

An Exclusive NRA News Cam & Co. Interview

World champion shooter and "Friends of NRA" co-host Jessie Duff recently performed a demonstration on 'Hannity' to debunk a common gun myth. She shot several different caliber semi-automatic firearms to show that, although they look different than AR-15s, they still perform the same basic functions as the firearm many states are trying to ban. Duff's demonstration proved that gun bans are purely based on cosmetics and political fear mongering. She discusses her buzzed-about appearance, as well as women using guns for defensive purposes. Originally aired on NRA News Cam & Co. 2/19/13.

Duff discusses her appearance on "Hannity," as well as women using guns for defensive purposes.

Jessie Duff

Competitive Shooter & Friends of NRA TV Co-Host

March 12th, 2013

If you saw Jessie walking down the street, you'd probably be surprised to know she makes her living with a gun. Recognized as one of the most accomplished competition shooters in the world, Jessie competes — and excels — in five different shooting disciplines. Full Story >>

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