Wayne LaPierre on Hannity Special: Inside the Gun Control Debate

NRA EVP and CEO Wayne LaPierre joined Sean Hannity for Fox News' Hannity Special: Inside the Gun Control Debate. The hour-long show included segments on LaPierre responding to President Obama's gun control proposal, former Congressman Asa Hutchinson discussing the NRA National School Shield Program, and conversation from a select panel. One additional segment featured competitive shooter Jessie Duff giving a live firepower demonstration from the NRA Headquarters Range. Originally aired 1/18/13.

The hour-long show included a segment on Wayne LaPierre responding to Obama's gun control proposal.

Jessie Duff

Competitive Shooter & Friends of NRA TV Co-Host

March 12th, 2013

If you saw Jessie walking down the street, you'd probably be surprised to know she makes her living with a gun. Recognized as one of the most accomplished competition shooters in the world, Jessie competes — and excels — in five different shooting disciplines. Full Story >>

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