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NRA Comments on NYSRPA v. Bruen Oral Arguments


“Police officers are being forced off their jobs.  Headlines remind us of sharp declines in criminal prosecutions. Americans live in an increasingly dangerous world. That’s why it’s vital for any law-abiding New Yorker who wishes to protect themselves and their families, outside their home, not be held hostage to the whim of any local official. That is the essence of this case.”

–NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre


“Under current New York law, a law-abiding resident becomes a felon the moment he or she steps outside their home with their firearm. This is a clear infringement of the Second Amendment.  The NRA is grateful that the Supreme Court is tackling this critical issue. We are proud to be a part of this case, and we look forward to a future in which law-abiding Americans everywhere have the fundamental right to self-defense the way the Constitution intended.”

–NRA-ILA Executive Director Jason Ouimet


“It’s high time the Empire state to go after violent criminals instead of depriving its citizens’ of their basic Constitutional rights. The NYSRPA is proud to take the state to task on this egregious overstep, and we’re thankful to the NRA for their invaluable help and support in bringing this case to the highest court in the land. We look forward to the court’s opinion next year.”

–NYSRPA President and NRA Board Member Tom King

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